PSC 4300 Aqua-Shield

Is an environmentally friendly acrylic elastomeric coating that forms a long lasting, protective rubbery surface.

  • Nonnoxious and nontoxic liquids, with minimal VOC’s. Safe for sealing grain bins, coat farm buildings and animal shelters.
  • For larger cracks and expansion joints use PSC 4320 Agri-Shield Butyloid Caulk and PSC 4330 Reinforcing Fabric.
  • To repair large holes or uneven surfaces in concrete use PSC 26xx PolyRock.

– Seal and waterproof grain bins.

– Seal RV and trailer roofs.

– To coat roofs and walls of animal shelters and farm buildings, reducing heat build up.

– Waterproof metal roofs.

– Waterproof and decorate stucco and block walls.

– A single product for waterproofing wood, plywood, OSB, concrete, galvanized steel, previous asphalt coatings, shingles and urethane foam.

– Excellent elongation properties and low temperature flexibility.

– Bridges small gaps.

– Provides a long lasting rubbery surface.

– High solids content.

– Non-flammable, non-toxic.

– Resists UV damage, acid rain and mildew.

– Environmentally friendly.

– Highly alkaline resistant.

– Inhibits micro bacterial or algae growth.