Who we are?

Based out of Calgary, we have been producing quality coatings since 1989. Our formulations were developed in house and all of our manufacturing is done locally at our head office in the Calgary Foothills Industrial Area.

Our high performance coatings protect your invaluable development projects and their core structures from the corrosive effects of water and UV damage. When it comes to protecting the essence of your investment, you can trust that our products will deliver

Our dedicated team of in-house, cutting-edge researchers, experts and specialists are pushing endless innovation. Supported by annual investment, our efforts are driven solely by market needs and customer desires. We bring immense support to all of our customers, contractors, installers and distributors with cost effective and tested solutions tailored to your project’s precise needs.

For more information, technical specifications and application instructions please refer to our “product information” section.

Goals & Values
We provide all Customers with Comprehensive Solutions

  1. Technical advice for performance requirements of materials.

  2. Products that meet specification and application requirements.

  3. Thorough product data sheets and application instructions.

  4. Ongoing research and development of existing product lines and new technologies.

  5. Our products have been used to service the following, additional companies
    Air Canada
    Canada Post
    Rio Tinto Alcan
    Kraft Foods