Industrial Coatings


PSC Industrial Coatings

Is an industrial sealant available in several colors with optional fire proofing and custom colors that are subject to minimum lead times and volumes.

A high performance acrylic elastomeric coating formulated for protecting sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam coated oil tanks from physical degradation through weathering and UV radiation.

  • Typically applied with a sprayer to form a seamless, protective barrier against leakage, moisture intrusion and UV radiation.
  • Withstands substrate movement and accommodates rapid changes in temperature while maintaining protective barrier.
  • Approximately 90 % of all new oil tanks manufactured in Western Canada are coated with PSC 105x TankCoat. References are available upon request.

A fire resistant acrylic elastomeric coating.

  • Liquid applied
  • Formulated for protecting sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam coated structures and encapsulation of fibrous asbestos insulation.
  • When applied, the bridges minor surface imperfections and hairline cracks, providing real durability and lasting protection.
  • Superior aging characteristics minimize ruptures, cracks and delaminating while providing a class “A” fire resistance rating with a flame spread classification of 10 and smoke density classification of 5.

Polymer Science Corporation has since 1989 supplied the oil, manufacturing, building and commercial markets with innovative and durable flooring and roofing solutions. Coatings for oil industry and colorants, tints and paints formulated to meet or exceed all Canadian and International standards.