Acrylics, Auxiliary Products



is a water based acrylic sealing and dust proofing compound. It can be used on both freshly poured and fully cured concrete. Solids content is 25 %. PSC 2505 produces a semi gloss finish.

To be used for diluting epoxies for priming purposes.

Concentrated degreaser for removal of grease and grime. Can be diluted down to 1:125.

Cleans and rejuvenate floors treated with PSC waxes.

Formulated specifically for floors coated with PSC coatings. High gloss finish, improves anti-slip properties of the coating. High solids content.

As above, but with satin finish.

Aggregate to be mixed into epoxy and urethane coatings.

A polymeric thickening agent that can be used a patching additive to fill cracks. It is used in combination with PSC epoxy systems.